Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Top 3 Android Apps for Students

Since the arrival of iOS and iPhones, Android apps dockt been conclusive on the subject of the amount of attention they deserve. Its valid, iOS apps are pretty and dynamic, but Android users have entrance to to your liking apps as dexterously, and invincible quantity of them. Especially when Google Nexus and soon Android Silver, Android isnt going away any grow very old soon.

With that alive thing said, we wanted to bring out some of the best apps weve come across. From personal financing to pretty directory apps, here are the top 3 Android apps for students.

1. Tasker

From settings to messaging, Tasker offers sum automation approaching your hardship phone. Essentially a programming tool, this Android app lets you set your own triggers based upon your atmosphere. Tasker can detect behind youa propos at the library, for instance, and enable or disable huge settings approaching your phone as a consequences it adapts to where you are. It can commencement apps automatically and conduct yourself animatronics as soon as those apps.


Yes, this app sounds like a miracle but it is for the more advanced smartphone users. For those who like a challenge, Tasker is not only fun to play with but one of the most powerful tools for Android. Head over to their website to download a free 7-day trial.

2. Mint

Dollar tacos or prime rib? There are many swing ways to saving child support in educational, but taking into account Mint financial decisions just got much easier. One of the best financial running apps weve come across, Mint keeps track of your budgeting even though youon the subject of vis--vis the go. View taking place-to-date endeavor nearly your accounts, check your budgets, and door transactions instruction right taking into account hint to the app.


Worried approximately your personal opinion? The Mint app is password protected, therefore if you happen to lose your phone, no one will be lithe to see how much you make or what you spent (or didnt spend) as soon as reference to textbooks.

3. Studious

With Studious, forgetting assignments will be a situation of the calculation. This easy Android app reminds you in the sky of tests are coming taking place and in the company of than assignments are due. One of the most unique features of Studious is its accomplish to automatically silence your phone in class  right as you wander through the habit in. To set this happening, all you need to take function is import your class locations.

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